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The Stop Islamophobia Now Podcast – More Episodes Coming Up!

In case you missed the first episode – check it out here:

This will be an exciting new format to explore moving forward – as there are so many personalities out there who are contributing positively to fighting racism, hate and Islamophobia in the U.S & abroad.  This type of format gives us a chance to tell their stories, what paths they took & highlighting their great works.

Even though Islamophobia hasn’t been dominating the headlines nationally in the past few months – it doesn’t mean that the hate has died down…one…bit.

Just check out headlines from today in Tennessee – they’re so afraid of “creeping sharia” over there, that lawmakers mistook a mop-sink for a Muslim “foot-bath” for making wud’u (ablution before prayers.)  

In NYC, SF and Chicago – Islamophobes are ramping up their anti-Islam bus and subway ad campaigns; the amount of money pouring into this industry is astonishing.  How is the community standing up to this hate?  We plan to highlight these type of stories moving forward – so stay tuned!